Traditional Piecings

These quilts represent both my early works, and my "cleansing the palate" quilts - you know, the ones I make in between the complicated sabbatiques to rev myself up for the next big project.

Sassy's Sapphire Dreams, 2003

Carousel Animal Crackers, 2003

Flannel Flower Garden, 2002

Red Canoe, 2002

Evan's Trains, 2001

Sarah's Blue and Yellow, 2001

Caitlin's Blue and Yellow, 2001

Violet's Garden, 2000

Animal Crackers, 2000

The Stone Cottage Quilt, 2004

Cait's In The Pink, 2003

Harrison's Animal Crackers, 2003

Mac Gregor,

and Mac Duff, 2000

Rhode Island Ocean Waves, 1993

Tye's Amish Star, 1993

Bruce's Birthday Star, 1993

Calico Seminole, 1992

Dad's Around the World, 1992

Blue Tanagram, 1992