The Gallery

Welcome to the gallery of my quilt art. Here, you can browse through a selection of work created since 1992.

You may notice that in many of these photos, there is a rhododendron branch in the lower corners. You can surmise, by the telltale greenery, that my photo studio is truly in the country - one of the joys of living in a small house in the woods. Consider it a trademark.

The Sabbatique Series
This series is a set of radially placed tessellating cells, swirling about in a variety of colors and textures. My most popular, and difficult, pattern. The word "Sabbatique" comes from a french-ification of the word "sabbatical" - during which I developed the original pattern.

Purple Dahliance
The Water Series
The same tessellation as used in the Sabbatique series is used in this collection, pieced linearly to create a feeling of undulating water.

Water At Heron Landing
Traditional Piecings
These quilts represent both my early works, and my "cleansing the palate" quilts - you know, the ones I make in between the complicated sabbatiques to rev myself up for the next big project.

Sassy's Sapphire Dreams
Quilted Jackets and Other Stuff...
It's not enough to just sleep under 'em, ya gotta wear 'em, too! Jackets, baby shoes, tote bags and other clever uses for scraps.

South African Adventure
Unique Piecings
Some are weird, some are wild, and one was even done on a dare. Nothing normal in here.

Singin, and swingin and gettin merry like Christmas
This set of quilts was done with a variety of techniques, from collage to machine and hand applique (ugh) to the use of spray adhesive. Most of these are small wall hangings.

Winding Vines
Most of these are small - crib to wall hanging size.

Off to Kyoto
The Burchill Family Quilts
These five quilts tell a special story. This commission provided a challenge both technically, artistically and emotionally.

Burchill Commission
The Atwater Collection
Introducing limited edition of vineyard designs, Autumn 2003!

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and a really great quilt!"

Atwater Collection