About that Copyright...

The original quilt designs on this site are protected by copyright and can not be duplicated in any media without written permission.

In fact, the original quilts and their patterns are registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. We at Quilted Dimensions take copyright law seriously. The copyright registration process allows the copyright owner to bring suit in the case of violations of the US copyright regulations. Before you consider right-clicking on any photos, copying or reprinting any text or trying to reproduce any patterns, we suggest that you review the law. Please play nice. Don't steal.

"Orchid Pandemonium" was made from a kit designed by Kaffe Fassett with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. This quilt is included on this site as an example of piecing technique.

"Singin, swingin an gettin merry like Christmas" uses the Stargazey Heartz pattern created by Jan Mullen. This quilt is included on this site as an example of machine quilting technique and creative border finishing.

"Mac Gregor" and "Mac Duff" were pieced from a pattern from The Quilt Shop, Danbury, CT. We included them because they are soft, cuddly flannel and just so darn cute.

"Violet's Garden" was foundation pieced using a pattern from the Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. This was the first and last foray into the world of foundation piecing.

"Canyons of Light" and "Samurai" are based on album artwork for albums by the same names produced by the new age music by the group Zazen.

For information about the original designs displayed on this site, please contact the design office of Quilted Dimensions.